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The Best Dog-Friendly Lakes, Rivers, and Hikes on the West Coast

Imagine splashing paws in cool mountain lakes, sniffing out hidden trails along the coast, or chasing frisbees in the crisp Pacific Northwest air. We asked our followers about the best dog-friendly lakes, rivers, and hikes on the west coast, and they answered the call. Get ready to unleash a world of exploration for you and your trail buddy as we dive into hidden gems, iconic landscapes, and everything you need to know for an epic outdoor adventure with your pup.

It’s time to lace up your boots and grab a leash.

Dog-Friendly Hikes on the West Coast

Mason Lake Trail – Snoqualmie Pass, Washington

The Mason Lake trail in Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest welcomes dogs with open paws. While leash laws apply in developed areas and around the lake itself, most of the trail allows for off-leash exploration, perfect for well-trained dogs who love to sniff around.

The trail itself is a loop option, clocking in around 6.5 miles with an elevation gain of about 1,500 feet. It offers a scenic journey through alpine forests with the reward of a beautiful lake at the end. On a clear day, you might even catch a glimpse of majestic Mount Rainier in the distance. While the hike is moderate, be sure to pack enough water and treats for both you and your dog.

Sauk Mountain Trail — Rockport, Washington

Sauk Mountain Trail is a fan favorite dog-friendly hike. While leash laws ensure everyone's safety on the sometimes narrow paths, the real challenge for your pup might be the terrain itself. The rocky path can be a bit much for some, so this is where dog boots like the Grip Trex™ come in handy — the flexible rubber outsole provides traction and protection, while the breathable mesh upper will keep your dog’s paws cool and comfortable during the climb.

Person putting Grip Trex™ boots on their dog.

This 4.2-mile round trip hike has an elevation gain of 1,190 feet. If your dog is up for the adventure, the summit on this hike offers panoramic views of the Skagit River Valley, a perfect reward for a successful trek together. Keep your eyes peeled on the way up — you might spot some beautiful wildflowers in bloom during the summer months.

Fort Funston — San Francisco Bay, California

Fort Funston is a San Francisco Bay Area gem that boasts a network of hiking paths that cater to various preferences. Choose from the easy 0.75-mile paved Sunset Trail with stunning ocean views, or opt for the more moderate 1.9-mile Fort Funston Coastal Trail with its uneven terrain and glimpses of hang gliders.

While dogs must be leashed on the trails, Fort Funston is also a haven for off-leash beach excursions. Imagine your pup running free on the vast stretches of sandy coastline, digging, splashing in the waves, and chasing frisbees – a true dog paradise. With designated off-leash areas, Fort Funston lets your canine companion roam and socialize with fellow beach pups. This would be a great place to bring your Float Coat™ for any water activities you have planned, especially if you're planning on kayaking or paddleboarding with your pup.

Woman and dog paddleboarding together.

Forest Park — Portland, Oregon

Portland's urban oasis, Forest Park, offers a variety of dog-friendly hikes for explorers to choose from. For a scenic challenge, try the Powell Butte Loop Hike. This moderate 4.6-mile trek leads you to the top of an extinct volcano, where you'll both be rewarded with breathtaking city views. Keep your pup leashed and be mindful of some steeper sections.

If you're looking for a shorter and relaxing option, the Wildwood and Hardesty Loop is a great choice. This easy 2.2-mile loop offers a pleasant mix of forest paths and open areas, perfect for a leisurely dog walk. Leash laws apply here as well. Craving a peaceful escape alongside a stream? The Tryon Creek Inner Loop Hike is a perfect pup-friendly trail. This 1.5-mile loop winds through a forested area alongside Tryon Creek, offering a manageable and scenic outing.

Gold Creek Pond — Snoqualmie Pass, Washington

With another vote for trails in Snoqualmie Pass, this dog-friendly paved loop is a great choice for an easy hike. At only 2.3 miles long, it's doable for most pups, and the accessible terrain makes it perfect for all ages and abilities. As you and your canine companion stroll around the pond, keep your eyes peeled for playful ducks paddling across the surface. The gentle murmur of the nearby stream will add a peaceful melody to your walk as you breathe in the fresh mountain air. Just remember, while your dog can join in on the fun, leash laws are in place to ensure everyone's enjoyment on the trail.

Ecola State Park — Cannon Beach, Oregon

Ecola State Park offers a variety of dog-friendly hikes, all requiring that your companion be leashed. The moderately challenging Clatsop Loop Trail stretches 2.9 miles, taking you through forests and rewarding you with ocean views. For a shorter option, try the 2.3-mile Crescent Beach Trail, which starts near the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse. After working up a sweat on the trails, you and your dog can cool off and have some fun. Leash laws are relaxed on the vast stretches of sandy beach at Cannon Beach itself, so you’ll notice lots of pups running free and digging in the sand. Pro tip: Bring your Lunker™ Floating Toy for some extra fun in the sun, then head into the nearby town, which is filled with dog-friendly shops and restaurants.

Woman and her dog playing with the Lunker™ Floating Toy on the beach.

Brandywine Meadows — Black Tusk Village, British Columbia

This scenic hike welcomes your trail buddy (on leash) for unabashed exploration through stunning alpine beauty. The trail itself is 6.9 miles round trip, offering a moderate challenge for most dogs. As you and your canine companion wind your way through the forest, you’ll likely notice lots of other campers, hikers, and snowshoers given its popularity. The reward at the end? Breathtaking panoramic views of the Skagit River Valley – a sight that will leave both you and your dog breathless. Keep in mind that this area can experience snow well into spring. Either plan your hike for the summer months or bring along your Polar Trex™ boots for a more comfortable and paw-friendly hike. These will shield your pup's paws from snow, ice, and the biting cold with their insulated softshell material and a rugged Vibram® Icetrek outsole.

Smith Rock State Park — Deschutes County, Oregon

Smith Rock State Park welcomes leashed dogs on many of its trails, offering a chance to bond with your pup amidst stunning scenery. Choose from a few trails with varying lengths – the easy and scenic Crooked River Trail stretches 2.3 miles, while the moderate Burma Road Loop offers a 3.5-mile adventure with slightly more challenging terrain. Be on the lookout for fascinating rock formations and diverse birdlife as you hike. You may also spot a family of climbers scaling the sheer cliffs, their tiny figures dwarfed by the rock's immensity. Quick tip: It gets hot here during the summer months. Make sure you bring enough water for you and your pup — a great opportunity to bring along your Quencher™ Bowl.

With every shared sniff, playful nudge, and conquered hill, you'll create lasting memories with your canine companion when you explore these west coast dog-friendly hikes.