Meet the BackTrak™ Dog Evac Kit

The emergency evacuation kit that's prepared for the unexpected so you and your dog can confidently go outside and go further.

Sometimes getting out there with our dogs means really getting out there in the wilderness – where solitude and beauty are abundant, and cell service or emergency support are scarce.

Part of exploring responsibly is being prepared and having a plan in place to answer “What would I do if…” That's what sparked the design journey for the BackTrak™ Evac Kit.


  • Complete Evacuation Kit

    Emergency evacuation kit includes lightweight first-aid muzzle and human vest with attached dog sling.

  • Lightweight First-Aid Muzzle

    Features micro-adjustability across the snout and an adjustable strap with side-release buckle for easy on/off. For first-aid use only.

  • Human Vest with Built-In Dog Carrying Sling

    The human vest/dog sling has several points of adjustment for both the dog and human. Color-coded straps make for easy setup. It can be worn with the dog either in the front or the back.

The BackTrak™ in Action

Before putting the kit in your pack and hopefully never having to use it, start here. Learn how to introduce it to your dog, set it up, and adjust it before getting out there.

Is the BackTrak™ Evac Kit right for you and your dog?

Here are a few common questions and things to consider to help guide you in your decision.

Am I physically able to lift, carry, and walk with the weight of my dog?
The BackTrak™ is designed to support and aid in the carrying of your dog. Be sure to consider whether lifting and carrying the weight of your dog is doable for you without injuring yourself. If you’re unsure, check with your doctor.

How do my dog’s height and my height factor into whether or not it would work for us?
The sling works best when the top of your dog’s back falls at about your waistline or lower. If their back lines up with or reaches higher than your waist line, this is likely not the best solution for you. The placement of where the sling holds your dog likely wouldn’t be high enough to actually lift your dog off the ground once you stand up.

How much weight can the BackTrak™ carry?
The BackTrak™ Emergency Dog Sling can support dogs weighing up to 103 pounds (46.7 kg). While the sling can carry that load, make sure to consider whether or not you can do so without injuring yourself.

What size dogs does the kit work for?
It's available in three sizes, based on the girth measurement of your dog. The human vest measurements are the same for all three sizes.

Why is there a first-aid muzzle in the kit? Can I use this first-aid muzzle for other things?
Using a first-aid muzzle is common practice when working with a dog that is injured or in pain. No matter how well you know your dog, stress and discomfort can sometimes lead to a dog inadvertently injuring a person. The muzzle is especially important in the initial phases of examining your dog, picking up your dog, and for procedures like splinting or bandaging.

The muzzle may need to be removed to allow the dog to pant freely and drink water throughout the evacuation, depending on conditions. This first-aid muzzle is designed specifically for these scenarios and is not intended to be used outside of an emergency or injury situation. Consult with your veterinarian to learn more about using it with your specific dog.

More questions?
This story covers more information on when to use (or not use) the BackTrak™ Evac Kit.