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Unleashing Possibility with Ally & Rhea

As part of our series on dogs and humans finding ways to Unleash Possibility together in both the epic and the everyday, Ally & Rhea show how a bit of confidence and curiosity goes a long way to discover your inner explorer and lead to new endeavors.

For me, Unleashing Possibility means being able to help Rhea and my other pups live the best life they can by making sure I foster the confidence and trust in them so they can explore the outdoors freely, safely, and responsibly. It also means my dogs get to see some pretty cool parts of Oregon and other states with me which makes exploring so much more sweet for me.

Woman and dog hiking together among wildflowers

When I got Rhea, being in the outside world around things that she had never been exposed to before was scary for her. I was nervous that she would never get used to being outside on and off leash. She hated the car, but with some training, treats, and encouragement from her two sisters, she got used to it in no time. I was so excited that the opportunity to do more with her was finally unlocked.

The first outdoor adventure I had with Rhea was out at Tumalo Reservoir in Bend, OR. It was an early Spring day and still a bit cold outside. I let her off leash, and, for a while, she stuck close to me until she realized that her two other siblings were jaunting off and having the time of their lives. She finally decided to join them and took off after them.

At that moment, I was really proud of her because we had worked through her anxiety around new environments and people. From that day forward her confidence continued to build and now she is excited whenever we load up and head out on an adventure.

Woman pours water into a bowl for her dog on a trail

Rhea loves being outdoors now and looks forward to car rides. She's never far from me when we are outdoors and her smile always tells me, "Thanks mom for pushing me to be brave."

That first adventure with her made me feel a huge sigh of relief. I wanted her to be able to hike with me in the mountains, go off-roading, camp, and do all of the fun things I like to do outdoors year round.

Woman and dog hiking among wildflowers

Most importantly, it showed me the opportunities that were possible for her by that fostering confidence in her. Exploring new things with Rhea has just made activities so much more enjoyable and memorable.